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Benson Viscometers is the UK and World leader in providing instruments for testing Plasma Viscosity or PV.

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Viscometers for Screening Patient Hyperviscosity

Benson Viscometers Ltd is a British manufacturing company that specialises in the design, development and manufacture of high quality plasma viscometers and blood measuring equipment.

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What is Plasma Viscometry?

Plasma Viscometry (PV) is the measurement of the viscosity of blood plasma. The end result is a number given in milliPascal seconds (m.Pas.s) – know as the PV, or plasma viscosity.

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What are the benefits of Plasma Viscosity?

Use of full blood count tubes eliminating additional ESR sample. Suitable for Paediatrics and Adults. Fast 15-minute turn around time from sample receipt to results, has a single reference range which is unaffected by other factors. Fully traceable, repeatable and reproducible. Can be analysed up to 7 days after sample taken.

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BV1 Plasma Viscometer

Benson viscometers BV1 is suitable for up to 50 samples a day and provides an excellent turnaround time from sample to results.The BV1 also uses only 80 micro litres of plasma, allowing analysis using full blood count tubes and making the test suitable for both adult and paediatric patients.

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bv200 benson viscometer

BV200 Plasma Viscometer

Benson viscometers BV200 is suitable for over 50 samples per day and can be loaded with up to 180 patient samples at once. The BV200 provides fast turnaround time for samples and can display results in under 1 minute when presented to the analyser, results can then be printed or transferred to your LIMS. Automatic control processes every 10 samples to ensure that every patient sample tested is continually monitored.

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Partnership Contracts

Benson Viscometers provides a flexible approach to help assist with the integration of plasma viscosity into your organization. We can offer a full range of packages to suit the needs of small and large laboratories, including reagents, maintenance and scheduled servicing by our highly experienced engineers. Benson viscometers also provide a host of support documentation and on-site training to nurture the development of knowledge of plasma viscosity.

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Benson Viscometers Ltd is a British company that manufactures, distributes and maintains a range of clinical viscometers, tuned to analyse blood plasma viscosity.

The range includes a fully automated walk away high volume analyser (BV200) capable of processing 60 samples per hour for large laboratories and a semi automated analyser (BV1) suitable for small laboratories performing up to 50 samples a day.

The company also supplies a full range of control and maintenance reagents to give operators confidence in their results.

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For confidence in your results

An increasing number of laboratories are electing to use Plasma Viscosity routinely in preference to erythrocyte sedimentation testing (ESR). This is because Plasma Viscosity results are easier to interpret and results can be fully validated.

Assured by UK NEQAS

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“The Isle of Man was the first site worldwide to purchase a Benson Viscometer and both the instrument and company have come a long way since its inception. We turned our back on ESR’s over 30 years ago and our current Benson Viscometers perform over 20000 plasma viscosities per annum with very little downtime. Given our somewhat remote location accuracy, reliability and performance are vitally important and Benson Viscometers meet these requirements admirably.”

Paul Woods CSci FIBMS,Chief Biomedical Scientist, Haematology Dept., Noble’s Hospital, Isle of Man

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  • Patient plasma viscosity (PV) is unaffected by patient anaemia or polycythaemia
  • Samples can be analysed up to one week after centrifugation
  • Test results are not affected by anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Patient PV is not affected by age (>3 years), gender or smoking
  • A rise of PV in the third trimester of pregnancy is predictable
  • The only diagnostic test for plasma hyperviscosity

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