About Benson Viscometers


Benson Viscometers is a British company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality clinical viscometers and blood measuring equipment. At Benson Viscometers we believe in engineering excellence, technical innovation and quality of service.

We are proud that without any exception every member of the Benson Viscometers team personally “cares” about our responsibility to give an accomplished service in every aspect of our operation.

Established in 1999, our family-run company has established itself as the leader in the provision of clinical viscometers throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Following findings that blood viscosity could be an important pointer for identifying the Covid-19 patients who are most at risk and will require intense medical intervention, some of the largest and most respected healthcare providers in the US are among those that have purchased our clinical analysers.

We are extremely proud of our ISO 9001:2015 certification and are currently working towards our ISO 13485:2016 accreditation.

Benson Viscometers is proud of its ability to design and develop new systems and is currently testing a new analyser which is not associated with viscosity to increase its market base.


Benson Viscometers uses only UKAS verified calibration fluids which include CHECK, LOW & HIGH calibrators. We also supply specialist cleaning fluids that include enzyme, sterilizer and decontamination additives as well as wash additive for the viscometers.

If you would like more information about what Benson Viscometer has available, please visit the BV1 or BV200 information page. If you would like to know more about our range of calibration fluids and reagents please refer to our Viscometer Consumables page.

Our clinical viscometer analysers have the ability to provide fast, effective and accurate results and are compliant with ISO 15189.

Other tests used for diagnosing/monitoring inflammation can take an extra 24-48 hours before results become abnormal or revert to normal compared to clinical viscosity.

Conditions that can be associated with a high plasma viscosity result (PV) include rheumatoid arthritis, myeloma, macroglobulinaemia, and cardiovascular disease. PV results divide into a range of bands that can be of aid to clinicians in interpreting the results. The normal range is standard for both genders and all ages above 3yrs.

A normal range reported in mpa.s. At 25°C would be 1.50 – 1.72. Plasma viscosity results analysed by Benson Viscometers BV1 or BV200 can also be reported in mPa.s. at 37°C.

If you would to know more about the range of conditions that can be screened for, please visit our Clinical Information Page.

Clinical Viscometers

Benson Viscometers BV1 and BV200 measure the viscosity of human biological fluids: blood plasma, blood serum, whole blood and synovial fluid. The end result, given in milli pascal seconds (m.Pas.s)

Our machines can aid pathology laboratories by providing a stable screening and diagnostic tool.  Our viscometers provide fast on-site turnaround times which can average 15 minutes from receiving the blood sample.

We are also flexible when working with NHS services and private laboratories, offering outright purchase or rental services including reagents and service contracts. This ensures that sites have minimal downtime as we can schedule deliveries by request or provide technical customer support where necessary.

BV200 Clinical Viscometer

BV1 ClinicalViscometer

Benson Viscometers BV1 Plasma Viscometer