Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Training Session

Benson Viscometers and our Engineers, Richard Grice and Jan Bojanowski. Would like to thank the team at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital for their time and effort during A recent training session.

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Dundee Pathology – Train the Trainer Session

Today the second session of the new format of train the trainer was completed in Dundee Hospital. The concept of this training format is so that the training and documentation used to train these individuals is also used for them to be able to cascade the training to their colleagues and co-workers. We hope to fully see the effect of this as time progresses as more and more of this training is cascaded.

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Leeds Pathology – Train the Trainer Session

Yesterday we completed the first of our new style training sessions “Train the Trainer” at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS trust with staff from both Leeds General Infirmary and Leeds St James hospital. The feedback has been really positive and we already have sessions booked with other Pathology Laboratories.

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Clinical Viscometer Training

Our customised training packages are delivered specifically to improve the capability, capacity, productivity and performance within the laboratory. These training services provide customers with all the information and material that they need in order to experience success with our products and services.

Operational support information is available in a variety of formats and can be supplied by us. This may be in the form of website downloads, hard copy manuals, viscometer on screen support files and direct operational support information. All analyser software has detailed help screens with comprehensive content, including photographs, drawings and screen images.

Training is provided when a viscometer is installed for the very first time, and, it is also provided as part of a scheduled refresher training programme. This supports business continuity, laboratory staff changes and contributes to continual development.

Full Day Training

Our full day sessions are available at a one off charge and include an extensive look into the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. As a part of full day training we also provide a Clinical Viscometer to demonstrate to staff using practical methods that will not interfere with daily operation of the laboratory. We are also able to provide more flexible scheduling during a full day session, spreading the training over two days for example.

Training Sessions

From 2020 we plan to include additional training sessions as a part of our Service Contracts. These will be carried out following a scheduled P.M.I. They are carried out by our highly experienced field engineers and can been used as a “Refresher” course for staff. Aimed at one group, our training sessions are an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge on the basic operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the Clinical Viscometer.

Training Overview

Please find some information below regarding what can be covered during a training session. If you require more information or would like to book a training session please Contact us.

Training focus

Trainer information

Trainee / Procedure / information


Explain to the trainee(s) the purpose of the training and what they will be able to do at the end of the sectionObjectives for the section are:

  • Be familiar with the Viscometer
  • Be able to carry out sample runs
  • Be able to understand the readings and identify if there is an issue

Viscometer hardware

Refer to help files section 5


Discuss functionality of each component

About the viscometer

  • Pump base
  • Pump
  • Regulator
  • Wash / Waste Bottles and sensors

BV200 unit

  • Belt/track
  • Test station
  • Probe

Viscometer Software

Discuss the softwareAbout the software

  • Main screen
  • How to start
  • How to stop

Sample workflow

Discus how a sample is taken and the path takenWorkflow

  • Clean
  • At start, after each sample
  • Different cycle based on previous sample
  • Check
  • Patient sample
  • Check / Control
  • Closedown clean

Validating / authorization of results

Discuss what samples need additional validation and how to validate
  • Results screen
  • What samples require validation
  • How to validate