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Gloucestershire Royal Hospital Training Session

Benson Viscometers and our Engineers, Richard Grice and Jan Bojanowski. Would like to thank the team at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital for their time and effort during A recent training session.

There is an extensive amount of information covered during this session that includes, General Operation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Advanced trouble shooting. These sessions have been designed to allow cascaded training and support to other members of staff using the Benson Viscometers Train the Trainer Manual. A copy of this is handed over once the session is complete.

All of our training sessions are carried out by our highly experienced engineers. This allows sites to raise any questions they may have related to the operation and maintenance of our Clinical Viscometer. As a result this gives our Customers the knowledge, Independence and confidence to train new or current staff members on the points covered and using the documentation provided, as support.

As a part of our ongoing efforts to improve our customer service. We have also found that communications can be greatly improved in regards to enquiries between both sites, leading to reduced lead time for questions raised as well as greatly reduced downtime for any staff using the Clinical Viscometer.

For further information related to our training sessions, or to quote your site for a training session, please Contact us.

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