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SMART Cymru supports Benson Viscometers Ltd

The aim of the project is to develop further, an innovative, mobile, ‘point-of-care’ device, which determines the ‘clotting profile’ of a sample of blood. This will help health care providers determine what type of intervention a patient needs in order to promptly secure ‘normal’ clotting of the blood, minimise blood loss and avoid unnecessary transfusion of allogeneic blood products.

This Experimental Development phase is required to complete commercial development of the prototype and associated software, peripherals and interfaces, including agreement of the final structure and configuration of the blood capsules.

If successful, this has the potential to have significant benefits to human health, and the resulting increased turnover, would have a transformative effect on the business, directly resulting in new jobs. The contribution to an improved provision of emergency treatment and reduced wastage of critical blood products is likely to provide exceptional benefits, thereby saving money for the NHS

Benson Viscometers are a small family owned business formed in 1999 that specialise in the design, development and manufacture of plasma viscometers and blood measuring equipment. They currently provide laboratory instruments for over 45 UK hospitals and Ireland.


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