BV1 & BV200 Viscometer Consumables

Calibration & Labels

Benson Viscometers has a quality assured calibration and check system, to verify correct system operation using UKAS verified calibration fluids.

There are 3 calibration vials – CHECK, LOW, HIGH

Additional, system maintenance reagents including Enzyme, Steriliser, and Water Rinse fluids are supplied by Benson Viscometers.

We also supply control fluids in the range of 2.5 mPa.s and 4.0 mPa.s called the Control 2.5  and Control 4.0, please contact us for more information.

Benson Viscometers are able to supply labels for Steriliser, Enzyme, and Water Rinse so they can be attached to the client tubes. Laboratories are advised to use our Cleaning pack for all of their maintenance requirements.

Scheduled Deliveries

Scheduled monthly deliveries of the full range of calibration fluids needed to run the BV200 or BV1 viscometers can be supplied by contract. This ensures they are fresh and reduces storage needs.

Whilst we strongly recommend a scheduled monthly delivery, reagents can be ordered on an ad hoc basis from us if preferred. Whilst every effort will be made to deliver such requests as quickly as possible, prompt receipt cannot be guaranteed.

Material Safety Data Sheets(COSHH) are available for all calibration fluids and maintenance reagents.