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Do you have a passion for viscosity testing?

Benson Viscometers is currently accepting guest articles with the aim to have an impartial discussion related to Plasma Viscosity testing.

Our articles and website contain a library of resources to give a better understanding of how Plasma Viscosity can be used to diagnose, screen and monitor a host of conditions that include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Myeloma, Macroglobulinaemia and Plasma Hyperviscosity.

What you will need

Experience – We want to hear from experienced clinical professionals. Preferably an individual who has experience with clinical viscosity testing, but this is not essential as we are open to a wide range of discussions. If you would like to be added to our list of viscosity champions please let us know on the form and we will contact you for further information.

Unique content – At least 600 words, preferably around 2000 words your chosen subject, the information should not be used previously anywhere else and also should not be re-posted in the future unless referencing to the original article. This could be a discussion article or based on your personal experience.

Images – Creative licenses should be adhered to and you should only use images that you either own or have permission to use

References – Please use references for statements and results of clinical trials to make discussions as transparent as possible. If possible please use high authority links that provide relevant and positive contributions.

Want to write for us? – Please complete the form found on the right hand side of this page and include relevant information related to your article and intentions.

Review – We aim to review all articles within 14 days. We may contact you on or before that period to discuss or improve the content. If your article is rejected please in future follow our guidelines mentioned on this page and don’t hesitate to re-submit articles in future as we are always looking to have discussions related to clinical viscosity testing.

Current Articles

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Reference List

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Laboratory sample letter to GPs and clinics

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